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Paul’Luc was born in France  in 1957 and moved to the U.S. with his family. He has a strong conviction  that a photographer is not just a person that can push a button once or a lot in order to “get” the shot. Anyone can do that. 

Paul came up through the ranks of hard knocks starting with shooting film, black and white or color, then going into the darkroom to control his end result. Now he applies his over thirty years experience to the digital Nikon D3 camera that produces over 12 million pixels with a full frame sensor and works his images on his G-5 Apple with 8gb of ram to replace his darkroom. 

Paul is Kansas City's celebrity and entertainment photographer and is not limited to just Kansas City, but to Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well.

He is well known for his ability to create and capture emotional images regardless of the circumstances and lighting situations, boosting his expertise in the entertainment field along with the private sector and provided his works to be published Globally in newspapers, R&R, Hitmakers, People Magazine, and numerous other magazines.

His notable location weddings includes Benson Curbs’ (the Governors Nephew) wedding at the Governors Mansion in Nashville Tennessee, the Bahamas, and the Carnival Cruise Lines.

Paul was the first photographer to shoot a cover for Billboard Magazine with a band on it which was Genesis with Phil Collins. He also did all the stills for Genesis’s  “Tonight Tonight” MTV video that was also used for Michelob beer television commercial and also did the stills for two of the Rainmakers MTV videos and other MTV Videos . His work was regularly published in In Rock a Japanese monthly entertainment magazine that highlighted his performance photographs and his backstage and behind the scenes photographs. He  provided the photographs for the press releases for Bon Jovi going to Russia that were distributed through the Associated Press. Paul provided photography for Richard Marx’s tour book. His list of celebrity clients include dinner shots with Kiss, George Burns, Shirley MacLaine, Don Knotts, Red Skelton, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Police, Paula Abdul, Elton John, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder and Chuck Norris just to name a few of the over 500 celebrities in his catalog.

Paul’Luc provides all his clients with celebrity service with images that are breathtaking, daring, real, and emotional. Through his wealth of experience, art’ography style, and working from his heart, he maintains a unique ability to anticipate a moment and manipulates his camera like a brush to produce the images from within his mind to you.

“Through my eyes to yours”

Paul'luc Chokota Photography      -      816-520-2957

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